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About Me


Based in Wiltshire, England, my passions are photography and singing classical music - I have a very low Bass voice.

I purchased my first camera when I was in my teens, many moons ago, long before the advent of digital photography. Today I use a Nikon Z7ii mirrorless camera and a large armoury of Mac-based post-processing tools.


In 2018 I entered the above image of The Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral in the annual Wiki Loves Monuments competition which attracted over 260,000 entries. The outcome, along with the full story behind it, can be read, should you be interested, by clicking here, or on the image itself.

My love of photography encompasses … you guessed it … church interiors, but also landscape, cityscape and, increasingly, astrophotography, both wide-field (Milky Way) and (for the future) Deep Space Objects.

Whilst I practise my art purely for the sense of personal satisfaction it generates, if you’d like to use any of my images, or to have them printed, please contact me, because this can be arranged.

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